Where Does The Loyalty Of A Machine Lie?

Where Does The Loyalty Of A Machine Lie?


We all know that the basis of all modernity and development is with technology and that many things in the world relate to the possibility that things will be better and more advanced. The role that advancement plays in the world is simply a sign that good things can come the way of the world where the development is placed in the first place and then make the advancements that is required to set the things in order. That being said, what is this advancement that we are talking about for so many years? When does it stop? Is there any limit to the level of advancement that a country or any of the technology that we have mastered? These questions can be simply answered if we take into account the ideals of modernity and how those ideals pose a question to the fact that machines are ccreated by human beings and that human beings can either control or make the machines self-reliant and then become completely self-sufficient. Say for example an online invoice software that we use to record and track all the things we do in terms of transactions and when that is not enough we then move onto the aspects of simply recording things in the field of machines and where we have placed them. Then we move one step further and then make the machines do all the recording and tracking for us and just simply telling us of what it is. What’s to stop the machines from using this freedom to control the creator and not the other way around?

The Sight Of A Machine

Interestingly, the fact that we want to make machines be self-sufficient so that our jobs can become easier and more convenient is a stepping stone for the machines to seize control on what we do, think, and even execute without even us knowing about it. Without the use of an online invoice software we might as well not do any of our work and the transactions that we have planned for. Without the use of this external help there would be no means of communication as well as a record for all the things that had been done in our business.


Ideally, you want to be on top of what the machines in your life do and act on and it should not be the other way around.