Peace of mind, that is what many of us yearn for. Patients who have gone through traumatic events may have possibly lived with the trauma for days, months or even years. Life as it is now is what they know and wish they didn’t. Many just need a break from the hustle and bustle. Sage Recovery Villa is what they need.

The country side estate is a quiet haven that provides an ideal environment for one to evaluate their lives and find a positive outlook to life. Victims of trauma, caused by an unfortunate event or due to substance abuse, deserve a peaceful and fulfilling existence and this begins in here.Rather than think about their problems, this environment helps trauma patients to appreciate life, beginning with the quiet serene beauty of this recovery villa.

Why Sage Recovery Villa?

  • Sometimes trauma patients feel pressured when surrounded by family and friends. The pressure is not as much external as it is internal. Seeing the people around them progress while they are stuck in this void they cannot get out of, sometimes inhibits recovery. Isolation gives them the space they need to evaluate and rediscover who they are in the midst of the confusion that seems to be their life.
  • Patients facing similar challenges may just be the motivation a trauma patient needs to get better. Sometimes family means well, but they cannot fully understand the challenges a trauma victim is going through. Living in the same environment with other trauma patients and seeing the progress of other patients may give a trauma victim hope for the future and this has an amazing impact on recovery.
  • On site regular professional care establishes the kind of routine that a trauma patient needs to get on with their normal lives. The activities at the recovery center keeps patients occupied enough to ensure they do not relapse to a life of hopelessness.

Trauma patients not only need treatment for recovery, they also need the ideal environment for the treatment to be successful. Sage Recovery Villa offers that.