Choose the Correct Cellular Signal for Your GSM

Choose the Correct Cellular Signal for Your GSM

If you have problems with the internet connection, if you are cut off in the middle of your call, if you are tired of seeing Missed Calls on your mobile, then this blog is especially for you!. Let’s choose together the best possible option for you! If you are also interested in the mode of operation and performance of the repeaters that use the internet connection, wi-fi amplifiers will be the best solution.

signal boosterKnow your frequency:

Have you ever wondered how your phone receives calls and the internet? Well, the answer may surprise you, it’s thanks to the technology invented more than 150 years ago by a man named gsm signal booster. I think you are certainly more than familiar with radio wave technology?

Radio waves are broadcast on certain frequencies. For example, take the radio stations. Each radio station operates on a certain frequency. And, to listen to a radio program, you must tune your radio to the frequency on which it is broadcast (103.3fm, 65.5fm, etc.)

What does this have to do with our topic of discussion?

Every service that your operator provides, whether 3g, 4g or voice is transmitted to your phone via the good old radio waves thanks to a certain frequency.

To improve the signal, the booster must work exactly on the same frequency as that on which your operator transmits the signal that you wish to amplify.


Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about choosing an amplifier that’s right for you, here’s some information to convince you:

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  • The first step in choosing a better cell phone signal amplifier is to consider your operator . Each carrier has a different and very specific radio frequency and the telephone signal amplifiers tend to amplify only the signal from a particular carrier and a particular network, such as 2G, 3G or 4G LTE. Once you have determined the carrier and network signals you need, you can choose the appropriate outdoor antenna and GSM amplifier. Essentially, you will need a specific amplifier for:
  • 2G and 3G networks: Most operators in France use these networks, so only one Dual Band GSM Amplifier can work for any of these operators.
  • 4G LTE networks: Every operator using the 4G LTE network has its own unique frequency on this network, so you will need a GSM repeater specifically designed for this frequency.