The New Light in Physics

The New Light in Physics

Using scanning force microscopy, you can see the physics in a completely new light. We often learn the basics of gravity and matter, but the ability to see the atoms and molecules that make up an object is incredible! This is done using this special tool that has been introduced for the needs of science and technology.

 This type of image is more advanced than other options available. This allows you to analyze an object and obtain information based on images using a probe, and not just images. Since its introduction in the 1980s, it continues to evolve. The technology it offers continues to expand due to needs, changes in information systems and the study of secondary level physics tuition singapore.

Line by line

Using scanning force microscopy, an object is evaluated and evaluated line by line and segment by segment. At first glance, you can see the object as a whole, but this tool allows you to see all the parts that create it. The laser and the probe make it possible, as they pass along the contours of the object, recording these details and data.

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Folding and moving an object means that, regardless of the form, the information can be recorded accurately. The scan is done from left to right and from top to bottom, so for the successful creation of this information there are always two elements.

Wide range of facilities

It is surprising when considering a wide range of objects that can be evaluated by scanning force microscopy. This includes solids and liquids, and the ability to look at them with a tool is very popular in science and technology. Opportunities continue to grow and the dynamics created on the basis of information continues to develop in a new way.