Growing awareness about law

Growing awareness about law


Now a day’s CPD courses Hong Kong is offered to many people which stand for Continuing professional program. The course offers the training of civil justice, workshop on structured advocacy, training for meditation and society law along with events which supports all these training.  The main focus of this academy is to provide the awareness about the law and rules because most of the people are unaware of the law. For this academy offers the training to student worldwide and the faculty summon from all around the world

Anybody can join it

The academy wants to spread this throughout the world so they allow students from other country. There are two benefits, firstly, students will know law of much country at the same place and secondly, the academy will have international status. The academy want to more and more number of students join them so that student develop interest in order to make a profession in the field of law.

Overview of the portal

The academy has appreciated for giving order to build a portal over the internet because it is making convenient to the student outside the country. Over the portal l every essential new is being posted every day. Apart from this there is list of training activity which is of two types; you can see the training activity by date as well as category. Here one can find the video of lecture on the portal. If someone wants to apply in this academy they will have to apply through the portal.


One can get the scholarship for the academy, if they want to join them. So over all the CPD program  or continuing professional development program is for increasing the awareness of the law and judgment which is very important to know the law and rule of the country. Additionally they are not only providing the knowledge of law related to Hong Kong but also providing the idea of the law of much other country.