The Basic Guide In Land Ownership in Thailand

The Basic Guide In Land Ownership in Thailand

If you are planning to buy a property in Thailand, there are some things that you need to consider. Make sure that you are buying a property under the Thai law. The country does not allow foreigners to own land in their name. Yet, as foreign nationals, you can have a legit secure property with the help of legal support. The land for sale Koh Samui will give you the legal control of the ownership of the land. This investment type is way useful if you want to own, build and develop in Thailand. You also need to know some of the  Thai basic rules before buying a property. This will give you the insight into the transaction processes or buy methods.

Land Ownership

In Thailand, there are rules that you must know especially if you are buying a certain property. If you are foreign in the country, the most popular ways to buy land are:

Long-Term Leasehold Agreements

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This is a hassle-free process for foreigners to own property in Thailand. You can have a more secure and straightforward contract in Thailand. The initial leasehold will last for 30 years. If the contract will end, you can make the option of renewing it for an added two times for a 90-year lease term. This time you can then have the added landowner. But, the lessor cannot take possession of the property upon the end of the lease agreement. If you want to continue your buy, might as well choose the right company that will give you the legal deals. In Koh Samui Land Real Estate, you can assure to have the land property in the most legal way. You see to it that your investment is in good hands.

Limited Liability Company

The other way of buying a land property is thru a legit company. The company will likely have the involvement of a local lawyer or accountant. This will make the arrangement of the provisions more legal. The attorneys will give you the buy, in which the land will be under the company name. They will also offer a consultation service for a reliable real estate accountant. The company will assist your buy with the assurance of your money worth.

As a foreigner, you can still buy a land property in the country with some conditions. You will only own the 49% of the shares in a Thai company, the rest of the shares must in the Thai juristic persons. They will the persons who will sign over control of their shares to you. The company will own the land, yet as managing director, you would control the voting of the other shares. In the rules, you will have the authority over the ownership of the land.

If you still want to continue buying a land for sale Koh Samui, might as well choose the Samui island. This is by far the best location that you can have if you want to unwind and have the fresh air. The place will make your money more valuable while having a viable and appealing place to live. This place is the best is the best choice for investment that has a positive impact on property prices.