How to Store Your Weed Seeds?

How to Store Your Weed Seeds?

When you have got your ordered seeds, most of the growers begin growing it immediately. After all, the seeds are fresh & you would like to prevent your cannabis seeds to germinate in the uncontrolled way. But, if you cannot or don’t want to begin with the cultivation immediately it’s very important you store the weed seeds properly. When you store your seeds rightly, your seeds stay viable and fresh.

Want to know how you can store your seeds & how long you may preserve the seeds? Let us know how!

Easy rules for storing seeds

Remember that the marijuana seeds are the living organisms. When seed makes any contact with water, nutrients in this seed, which trigger its germination process, can be released, to prevent the unused weed seeds from germinating and getting damaged, and you need to keep the seeds in the dark, cool, and moisture-free area.

How to store seeds for the long time?

Obviously it is possible you have bought many cannabis seeds and you would like to keep one part for next year. Best method to store weed seeds for a very long term is freezing your seeds.

How to store seeds for the short term?

One of the best methods to temporarily store your weed seeds (many days, weeks and months) is placing your seeds in the dark and lockable container in a refrigerator. When you decided to use your marijuana seeds, you can place these seeds in box for six hours outside refrigerator so that seeds reach the room temperature.