How can you Regain Control of the Pelvic Floor?

How can you Regain Control of the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor muscles extend to both sides of the pelvis and from the pubic bone to the base of the coccyx, like a narrow hammock. They keep the bladder, uterus and intestines in place.

A weak and low tone pelvic floor will not do its job properly.

Women with weak pelvic floor muscles often experience urinary incontinence and reduce sexual response. But studies have shown that the pelvic floor physiotherapy responds to regular exercise. With regular exercise, most women can reduce or completely overcome the symptoms of weak pelvic floor muscles, regardless of their age.

These muscles can weaken due to childbirth, trauma, surgery, lack of exercise and menopause. If the muscles begin to give way, you may have a prolapse of the uterus, and there may also be problems with the bladder. Performing exercises for the pelvic floor muscles will improve not only control over the bladder, but also the vaginal reaction during sex for better orgasm. Now you must strive for this!


Incontinence can have a significant impact on women’s lives. They can avoid doing their favorite sport or even leaving home due to the risk of loss of urine. Incontinence can also lead to poor body image and / or reduced self-esteem. Despite its prevalence, approximately 60% of people with urinary incontinence do not seek professional help due to their condition.

It seems that a combination of shame and the belief that urinary incontinence is a natural consequence of aging and childbirth prevent women from seeking adequate treatment. Although urinary incontinence is common, it is not normal and should be addressed in the same way as other health problems, in consultation with a health professional. Women should not simply rely on incontinence pads and pants to cope with this disease. The treatment of urinary incontinence can be very effective and often relatively simple.


Now, in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor there are a couple of different methods and even several devices, which means that you have a choice, how to start and how to proceed. For some women, a simple act of coughing or sneezing even worse can put them on their knees when they try to avoid the course, and even young women now wear protective panties at these points.