An automated hair transplanted device is used by the surgeons.

An automated hair transplanted device is used by the surgeons.

Several benefits are provided for the patients at Neograft. The hair transplantation does not require many forceps during the extraction process. The extraction can be done faster with the follicular units in the chamber which will prevent the hair from drying out. You can also take your hair with the additional styling items. You should also try to discover the secret of beautiful hair. The hair care solutions will help you to maintain a long and healthy hair. During the time of implantation the grafts will remain fresh and vital. The hair care tips are also provided by the Neograft hair transplant to reduce the hair loss.

Strengthen your hair:

The conditioner for the colour protect will prevent the hair fall and will not let your hair weigh down. It will moisturize your hair by sealing and protecting your colour treated hair. The colour protects shampoo can be used as a complete hair care system. The colour protects shampoo can be used along with the colour protect conditioner. The conditioner will include the added proteins in order to strengthen your hair. At the same time, the conditioner will help to derange your hair by keeping it in condition. It will help to repair the dry and damaged hair. It moisturizes your hair so that your hair will become soft and silky.

Unique formulation:

The conditioner for the hair should be renewed with a unique formulation. Your hair will have a healthy look by repairing the split ends and hair damage. The hair products at Neograft hair transplant should be nourished with the natural oils and will condition the hair by providing the essential moisture to damaged and dry hair. You can manage your hair by keeping it soft and tangle free. It will help to maintain strong, healthy and thicker looking hair. You can use the shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type. It removes the dirt and debris from your hair without the use of any natural oils. The pH formulation is balanced which can manage your hair by providing shine to your hair. The enriched proteins will help to moisturize your hair by leaving it soft and silky.