All about the New Earth

All about the New Earth

The churches are the place where the people spend time to realize God and learn his teachings. But all the churches are not same as they sound to be. Some tend to provide the extra ordinary service to the people who are approaching them. These churches will not teach Bible but many things beyond that. The shincheonji is one such place for the people who are highly attracted to Christianity. Many people who are not satisfied with their church community are moving towards the membership of shincheonji as they can realize the complete feel of Bible here. This is the reason why this community is mentioned as New Earth.

South Korea church- Understand the real facts

Seeking for God

shincheonji is considered to be the best place for the people who are seeking for God. As mentioned above, the people who are not satisfied with their current church can also switch over their option to shincheonji as they can get the best experience here. The teaching of SCJ will let them to realize what the real Bible is. Obviously their teaching method and their concept of teaching Bible will completely get varied from other churches. The people who tend to have question and the people who want to share their stores can feel free to approach their online website. The online support team will always be ready to help them out in all the means.

God’s family

It is to be noted that this is a God’s church and more people are highly interested in joining the God’s family. There are certain strategies for getting membership in this chrcuh. The people who are highly interested in joining shincheonji reddit community must follow those procedures and must get the membership. After the membership they can also engage them in the social activities along with the other members in this community.