The Stealth Hello Neighbor Game

The Stealth Hello Neighbor Game

This is a storyline game we take on the role of the character and play their part. So, the story begins with finding a new home but then I realize that my ex-neighbor were acting a bit weird and I have to find out why. Then I make several attempts to break into his house and I got caught and was kicked out. So, I found the game will the most interesting and exciting so I want to know this game. Based on this, lets discuss about this game in detail.

About the Game

HELLO NEIGHBOR is a stealth type of game. We just have break into his house and explore. This neighbor’s A.I. is quiet advanced and he learns quickly from our behavior patterns so we have been careful and unpredictable.

Items, like in any other game, play an imperative role. They can be used for distracting, creating illusions or as decoys and can be stored. The antagonist is a normal human so he also has to enact as human activities- eating, sleeping etc. and we can use this to our advantage.

This is also a horror production regardless of the fact that it is a cartoon because the neighbor moves around very fast in his house and then there is also the matter of the mystery of the locked door as it may hold a clue as to why the neighbor is behaving or acting so strangely.

Overall I find this game quiet interesting because despite the fact that this is a horror game there is no bloodshed and action. I would recommend this to everyone not just serious gamers but everyone because this forces us to evaluate and to introspect and run through scenarios with a stake, objects of use to achieve this ultimate goal, and we also know that the longer we drag this harder so we are forced to strain our mind. So this is a game to play for all. Happy hunting.

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